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When to use Security.loadPolicyFile(url:String) in your Flex app

Often is the case where you’ll need to test your application on multiple boxes and for multiple clients, so you can’t just assume the crossdomain.xml file exists at the root of the domain or even in the same location…this forces you to pass in the crossdomain file’s location at run-time and then load it into the Flash Player before you make your first request for data / et al, and so I often wondered when the best time was to do this to ensure the file was loaded and thus eliminate any possible race conditions.

After searching around on the Flex 3 docs, I read that the best place for this call was in the root Application class’s preinitialize event handler — oddly enough I found this tidbit in the “Loading modules from different servers” section of the docs, but I also ran into this very race condition just recently in a web services based application as well.