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ThunderBolt :: Firefox Debugging Tool for Flex / AS3 / AS2

I usually use the built-in debugger in Flex Builder accompanied with FlashTracer (when I’m not running in debug mode and/or in prod depending on some query string params I toss in) to debug my Flex applications, but my buddy John pointed me to this new plugin for Firebug for FireFox called ThunderBolt; it provides the usual trace statements like FlashTracer with some additional features like a tree for complex objects and a memory snapshot. I don’t want to repeat what the site already says about it, so I’m just going to provide a link to get you there.
Since I’m on the topic of debugging I thought I’d also add in my other handy weapon of choice: ServiceCapture. It’s a simple HTTP proxy that catches all your data going across the wire (from flex to your server and back); the really cool part is that allows you to inspect your request and response objects of any of the following types: plan text, xml, web services, and AMF (the binary protocol used to perform Flash Remoting or Java-RPC in Flex).
I’m curious to hear people’s thoughts on this, so what are you using?